"Bringing IMAgination to Life"
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Samantha Y Huang

IMA studio was born from Samantha's personal experience as an international art student in London. A self-reflective journey about how to live as an artist after graduation.

Samantha employs her creative lateral thinking and curiosity for HOWS and WHYS into the challenges of her adventure in entrepreneurship.

At IMA: Samantha works to craft her vision of how IMA can serve the arts community and beyond. She is dedicated to translating the working knowledge from all walks of life into a language that the creative mind can read.

Samantha also works with creative individuals who are seeking to understand more about their WHYS and assist them to develop their own personal self-growth roadmap. She says that when providing assistance for creative people, "it is not about how much knowledge and experience you have in one particular area, it is about how much you are able to understand how that particular creative mind works".

"Bringing IMAgination to Life"

IMA Studio was founded by fine art graduate and

practicing artist Samantha Y Huang,

during the last year of her MFA. Today,

IMA is supported by advisors from three sectors:

creatives arts, business, and technology. 

How did it happen?

The idea began as a simple but curious question: what if an artist had a magical studio that could assist them in ways that would enable their individual creative practices and careers to flourish? What would that studio be like? What kind of magical help would artists ask for, and how could an artist's life be different because of it? So the name given to this imaginary studio was...

IMA Studio.


A major issue we see is a lack of career development support and career resources provided by arts eduction. Every year artists graduate from Universities with little idea how they should even begin to go about building their art careers. We see a broken link between the education system and the working world. 

Our Mission

Our mission is to redefine the understanding of what it means to be a working artist so we can have more and more artists working as self-sustainable creative individuals. To achieve this we deliver innovative solutions to serve artists and the wider community.


Thank you for spending your time with us and reading about our passion for the creative arts. 


If you love what we do and how we work to support creative individuals, please get in touch with us or spread the love and assist us in building a strong community full of creative minds. 



Unlimited Creative Vibes, 

IMA Studio 

May 2019

What do we do?

We work directly with artists and creative individuals to develop practical learning and development tools for artists.


Together we cultivate the unique approaches that artists employ and distill that knowhow into a current and modern methodology for artists.


Our workshops and programmes have been built from our direct working experience with art students, recent graduates, working artists and professionals in the arts.


Additionally, we can provide bespoke assistance and support to working artists who are seeking an extra pair of hands to help progress their creative career.


At the heart of IMA; we want to fundamentally change all preconceptions of what it means to be an artist.

What does it mean to be an



Amit Rai Sharma 

Driven by his curiosity for what else can be done to best support creative individuals and practicing artists, Amit came on board as the other half of the IMA brain.

By mentoring and working with young people with complex needs for the last 10 years, Amit developed his own patient and empathic way of working with people.

At IMA: Amit works to assimilate all the knowledge IMA is uncovering in order to find the common threads that form the IMA methodology.

Creative minds dare to dream wild but are fragile at the same time, and Amit employs his experienced approach of empathy and critical analysis to assist others. He specialises in extracting and articulating the abstract creative thinking buried in creative individuals, and helps to unpick thoughts that are tangled in their heads.

Mark Tamer

Mark is an experimental photographer who's artistic practice deconstructs the photographic process to create beguiling and often unexpected outcomes.


With his naturally creative spirit and supportive approach, Mark became a welcome addition to the IMA crew in the summer 2019.

At IMA: Mark uses his lateral thinking to add another dimension to IMA’s creativity. As a practicing artist, Mark helps maintain the grassroots connection tothe artist community.


His responsibilities include: film & photographic documentation at events, writing the blog and supporting the successful running of IMA

Charlotte Callaghan
Advisor & Mentor

As a business advisor and consultant to corporate firms for the past 20 years, Charlotte now used those skills to supporting young start-ups as well as continuing her consultancy work.


Her enthusiastic interest in contemporary art has lead her to develop a special working relationship with IMA .

Charlotte combines her professional skillsets and her passion for the arts as a business advisor and mentor to IMA, she specially supports IMA's business development and helps in consolidating strategies, to ensure IMA continues to grow and continue to be creative, without compromising its ethos.

Charlotte also has experience of mentoring young artists and is part of the IMA team as a mentor and guest speaker at IMA events.

Damian Rayne 
Advisor & Mentor

A champion for the creative arts and an advocate for grass roots development, over the last 15+ years Damian has worked to support emerging artists and recent graduates.


As founder and director of The Muse Studio | Gallery, Damian has been able to provide zero-cost residency and exhibition opportunities for graduates and emerging artists, proving that an alternative model for sustainability in the arts exists.

As a graduate and practitioner of the arts, Damian speaks the language of artists. And through setting up The Muse he has been able to combine creative and commercial concepts under one roof.


Damian provides his considerable knowledge to help guide the growth of IMA, an organisation that echos the spirit of The Muse; which he set up in response to the lack of solid stepping stones for creatives post-graduation. 


Samantha Y Huang was a former Muse artist-in-residence, where the seeds of IMA were nurtured during her residency in 2016.


In 2018, The Muse became and official London home to IMA. 




Mark Tamer

"...Each session was original and well thought-out and concluded with practical steps to take...."

Julie Derbyshire.jpg

Julie Derbyshire

"...The organisation’s genuine commitment to support emerging artists in negotiating their individual pathways ..."

Kevin McCollum.png

Kevin McCollum

"...Their encouragement, guidance and approach are refreshing and welcome in today’s climate..."

Richenda Court.jpg

Richenda Court

"...There is always an honesty and warmth in the conversation and they do not shy away from discreetly challenging perceptions and choices....."