your entourage

YOUR creative mind & life & work

a group of curated entourage selected by IMA to support your creative life & work.

duration: 1.5 hours

fee: ​

We look at your artistic career as a combination of your personal and professional life to help put you in focus.

Our apporach works to nurture three areas:





Together, we'll break these down to help you overcome your personal hurdles, and meet your goals.

​the IMA apporach

good match?

free initial session

We are not made for everyone, and we believe a good match is halfway to sucess!


Want to find​ out if we are a good match to work together? Book a 20-min initial session - free of charge - to start a conversation.

duration: 20 mins

fee: ​free of charge

IMA Studio
re-IMAgining the Art World
a start-up formed by creatives, built to support working artists, aspire to the act of re-imagining the art world, re-interpreting what it means to be a working artist, and re-positioning the relationship between creatives and other walks of life.
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Illustrations Credits: Mick Marston & Jasmine Forbes

Team Portraits Credits: Kevin McCollum

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