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IMA's 1 TO 1 WRITING support focusses on assisting practicing artists convey and detangle their concepts and thoughts in a comprehensible and compelling written form.

Writing is an essential skill in an artist's practice. From daily email engagement, artist and exhibition statements, to formal funding and residency proposals, writing plays a weighty part on the artists' daily tasks.

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We believe all creative minds speak their own language and have their own specific ways of learning and problem solving. In IMA's 1 TO 1 support sessions we invest time in creative individuals in order to understand their language.

IMA's 1 TO 1 supports specific areas. Text-material support; for helping an artist better explain themselves through their bio and artist statement. Mentorship; for enriching the creative individuals life experience. Guidance; for better managing their practice. Our one-to-one format is especially suitable for those who use English as a second language.

To truly solve issues and problems effectively is not only about providing suitable help and support, but is also about understanding how that particular creative mind works.


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In everyday life, our decisions are influenced by external forces, sometimes without conscious awareness. When it comes to an artist's practice and concept development, parts of their own unique authenticity can be easily pushed aside when receiving feedback and guidance from others.

IMA's SOUNDING BOARD exists as a self-assessment tool in which artists and individuals are assisted in understanding and reflecting on their own methods and practice, in order to minimise the possibility of being persuaded or re-directed by others.

Our process guides participants to a viewing platform where they can see their ideas and thoughts as a 3rd person. By doing so, it creates a new perspective which allows us to collectively draw attention to the hidden and sometimes overlooked parts of the their own thoughts and artistic process.

By acting as a neutral agent, our processes allow participants to make informed decision and come to conclusions that are based on their own established thinking.

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