Richenda Court

IMA Studio is able to offer me invaluable support and assistance in my role as an artist. I have known Samantha and Amit since March 2016 and from the very start it has always been a pleasure to be in their company. It is very clear how much they believe in the arts and have a genuine passion for helping artists. Their approach is highly professional on all levels and at the same time greatly supportive and sympathetic.


In my experience artist’s most often find their own paths in the art world and there is very little help. As creative thinkers it is wonderful to come across a team like this who can offer guidance to artists, I have never experienced this and it is genuinely helping me to focus on my direction and career.


They both have a professional approach, prompt and honest offering guidance and moral support.Working with a number of artists they are able to draw from a pool of experience and offer practical solutions. There is always an honesty and warmth in the conversation and they do not shy away from discreetly challenging perceptions and choices.


I find Amit and Samantha trustworthy, deeply passionate about their business, sincere in wanting to help artists in any way they can and I highly respect what they have achieved to date.

Kevin McCollum

It was an absolute pleasure to work with IMA and indeed everyone that IMA put me in contact with. The project I was involved in required a group that could gel quickly and work together and it was very clear from the outset that IMA had put a lot of thought and effort in choosing the make up of this group.


Each personality contributed to the overall effort without ego taking over and I believe it’s largely down to the care and careful consideration shown by IMA, alongside their drive and enthusiasm to ensure that all of us made the most of the experience.


I have very fond memories of this entire group project. As well as learning a lot about myself and gaining valuable new skills I managed to make new friends along the way.


IMA helped make me feel very welcome and made every effort to ensure I felt as much a part of the group as the London based artists. They introduced me to numerous new contacts and had brilliant suggestions at every turn, which I quickly took on board.


Their knowledge, conduct and personalities helped to shape the experience and I think their role within the arts is hugely important. Their encouragement, guidance and approach are refreshing and welcome in today’s climate.


I wouldn’t hesitate to work with IMA again. I would recommend anyone who has the opportunity to collaborate and work with IMA to grasp it…only good things happen with IMA!


IMA are essential for any artist looking to take the next step on their career path. I thought their approach was a great mix of the informal and the thoroughly professional. In the workshops we were made to feel relaxed whilst being challenged to move our practice forward. Each session was original and well thought-out and concluded with practical steps to take.


Throughout the entire process I was felt supported - I knew that Sam and Amit were there for me at anytime, that I existed beyond the timeframe of our meetings. I would definitely recommended IMA to anyone who takes there practice seriously and wants to move forward.

Vinni Kiniki

I found the IMA Studio artists talks very stimulating and engaging, the format is setup in a very organic way that not only allows you insightful glimpses into the artists practice but also allows you to feedback and reflect on your own practice as an artist. The discussion at the end which invites everyone into a very honest ‘artists anonymous’ type format was a wonderful way to end the evening, the snacks and nibbles were a lovely touch too!


As an emerging artist, my involvement with IMA has given me personalised and knowledgeable ongoing support and encouragement during a challenging period of transition from completion of my masters to embarking upon establishing an artistic practice.


Generous with both their time and experience, Sam and Amit have offered me constructive and practical input and advice in confronting the realities of the art world. Crucially, they are helping me to develop and express my own distinct voice and to discover where my work is situated in contemporary art practice.


The organisation’s genuine commitment to support emerging artists in negotiating their individual pathways through the complex workings of the art world is, in my view, invaluable and much needed.


It has been a great pleasure to work with IMA.

Participating in IMA summer workshops was like taking part in Start Up incubator but for artists.They helped me to see my art practice from a new perspective and understand problems unique for artists for every stage of their art career.


With paying great attention to details, IMA offers you bespoke designed workshops and a good understanding of artists problems. They give you professional advice in a friendly environment.


Sam's incredible creative mind will help you in solving any problem you might be having as a practising artist. I would highly recommend IMA workshops for both emerging and established artists. They are the missing link in the art industry.