Mateusz Łapsa-Malawski in Conversation with IMA:

Stay Safe Online

Date: 20 July 2019

Venue: The Muse

Address: 269 Portobello Road, Notting Hill, W11 1LR

Speaker: Mateusz Łapsa-Malawski

IMA Studio is pleased to invite Mateusz Lapsa-Malawski , Technology Consultant for a talk & discussion on; what it means to be digitally secure in 2019 and how creatives can better protect their digital content online.

Working professionally as Software Architect in the field of programming and technology consultant, Mateusz also engages heavily in the creative arts In his personal time. Not only he is a theatre lover, artists supporter, but also practicing the art form of photography and ceramics to expresses the artistic side of him.

The event will begin with a talk by Mateusz on safety in the digital world. This will be followed by an open conversation, and round table discussion between Mateusz, IMA studio, and the audience on the thoughts inspired by the talk given by Mateusz.

We welcome all who are interested in learning more about the digital security as well as contributing to the discussion and sharing their experience as artists in digital world.

In association with The Muse Gallery | Studio.

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