moanday on mondays 

An informal social event hosted by team IMA - a place for you to moan about all things that get you down, or p*ss you off about life or work.

Absolutely free from any judgement, social pretence, make-up, glamour, and social niceties.


An honest get together that goes a f**king long way!


B.Y.O.B - Bring Your Own Bullsh*t

Whatever happens in Z**m... stays in Z**m.

ps. swearing optional.

Moan loading . . .

* the event is by invitation only and so tough luck!

What are you going to do? Just kidding - click on the I wanna moan button. Then when you're signed up you can have a bloody good moan about this page.

the IMA approach

Every Moanday is dedicated to the issues, challenges, and troubles that compress our creative minds, lives & our work. 

You are invited to share your frustations but you can always just listen. However, we know that the process of talking things out loud often helps.

This is not therapy but it can be therapeutic* (not scientifically proven)

The event will be monitored & moderated by team IMA.

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