We know every artist is different.
And, there’s no secret formula for being successful. 

Having a good work ethic certainly helps, as does having a diverse skillset.

But the difficulties faced by artists are as varied and complex as the artists’ themselves. 

At IMA we get to the nitty-gritty, we work closely on a one-to-one basis to identify all of the important issues and put into place a practical plan of action that helps you move forward. 

issues and challenages

A major issue we see is a lack of innovation in career development support and resources provided in the arts - from education through to the wider art world. 


Every year artists graduate from universities with little idea of how they should even begin to go about building their art careers. 

For those that have taken an alternative route it can be equally difficult.

how are we different?

At IMA we take a holistic approach. We see the artist as a whole entity and our approach is to understand your life experiences and what makes you unique


Our approach is bespoke and carefully tailored to the individual to ensure that the plans we put in place together help build you a long and sustainable career.

how IMA started?

IMA was born out of Samanthas frustration with the lack of career development support for artists.


As a fine art graduate herself with an entrepreneurial streak, she recognised that more could be done to support artists and made it her mission to understand the things that artists need the most.


Our mission is simple - to have more and more artists and creatives working as self-sustainable individuals.


To use our IMA approach and methodology to bring about an impactful change on the life of artists, creatives and the wider communities beyond the arts.

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