re-IMAgining the Art World

a start-up formed by creatives, built to support working artists; aspiring to re-imagine the art world, re-interpret what it means to be a working artist, and re-position the relationship between creatives and other walks of life.

Every year artists graduate from universities with little idea of how they should even begin to go about building their art careers. For those that have taken an alternative route it can be equally difficult.

At IMA, we work with artists & creatives in the form of workshops and 1-to-1, providing a holistic method that engaes you to look beyond your identity as an artist.



Supporting your artistic journey in life & work.

IMA was born out of Samantha’s frustration with the lack of career development support for artists.


As a fine art graduate herself with an entrepreneurial streak, she recognised that more could be done to support artists and made it her mission to understand the things that artists need the most.

Our mission is simple - to have more and more artists and creatives working as self-sustainable individuals.




To use our IMA approach and methodology to bring about an impactful change on the life of artists, creatives and the wider communities beyond the arts.

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