Art-school Adventures | w/ Bea Davidson

Updated: Nov 18, 2020

Interview by Mark Tamer

We begin a new a series of interviews with art students who are at the beginning of the their studies. 2020 has brought a whole new set of challenges for students who may already be worried about their finances and, later on, their job prospects. But rest assured, these fledging artists are a resilient lot and are determined to get the most from their studies.

To kick us off, we talk to Bea Davidson who has just relocated to Edinburgh to begin her Fine art MA.

© Bea Davidson

Can you tell us a little about yourself and why you’ve chosen the course you have?

I’m from South London and currently in my first year of a Fine Art MA at Edinburgh. Having studied both art and art history during A-Levels I was sure that I didn’t want to study one without the other - I found that History of Art began to really enrich and inform my art practice, and that studying art allowed me to approach Art History from an angle I may not have been able to otherwise. So this course was one which really promises to incorporate both which was the main hope for a degree. I also found that throughout school, having the opportunity to get out of a typical classroom setting was always refreshing and the freedom of working in a studio was always very welcome when the rest of my timetable felt restrictive and confined to strict curriculums.

So, Covid eh? What are your hopes and fears for the next three years of your studies?

I’m just really hoping to be able to get into the studio soon and really get to grips with the new processes and materials. I have always found that working amongst other people is not just more enjoyable, but also far more productive when you are all able to encourage each other and riff ideas off one another. So that’s something I’m really missing and would like to be able to return to normal more than anything. Although it can be slightly frustrating, I’m just hoping that being forced to problem solve and work with the limited resources you have from your uni room could encourage me to discover new ways of working or even just force me to get back to more basic methods which I may have dismissed before.

"By the end of the course, I would like to have honed in on the processes and techniques which I really enjoy and that compliment my work well."

© Bea Davidson

Any thoughts on what you’d like to get out of the course and what you hope to achieve by the end?

By the end of the course, I would like to have honed in on the processes and techniques which I really enjoy and that compliment my work well. I enjoy printmaking and experimenting with mixing and combing different ways to achieve a product. Printing tends to be what I lean towards in my work, so being able to leave the course with a really heightened understanding of the technical understanding of different ways of printmaking, and have all the tools to fully exploit and be playful with them would be great. In terms of Art History, I’d really like to finish feeling I have a broadened and expansive view of art, not just fitting within the weste