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Breaking through walls is about asking the right questions. And, sometimes the right questions are challenging ones.


IMA's PROGRAMME is set to create a dynamic and positive learning environment for those who seek to dig deeper into these questions.

Our PROGRAMME involves a small group of participants, guided by professionals from a variety of sectors. Placing emphasis on open-and-honest participation and peer-support, we create an engaging alternative learning experience that results in deeper understanding for one's own creative practice and a surer sense of the next steps.


At IMA, we build the environment with trust, we nurture a spirit of encouragement, and champion as-far-out-of-the-box-as-possible thinking, all in an interactive setting. We challenge artists on their motivations, to be honest about their confidence, and to truly look at how they position themselves in and around the creative arts.


The core of our programme is to work deeply on how to best increase an artists self-sustainability in the 'Art World' today.

We learn from those who have walked a similar path and we learn from those who are walking it with us.