Our 'In Conversation With IMA' events will be postponed during this unprecedented time. 


Spend time at home with your loved ones, focus on your unfinished ​projects, sort out the piles of paper on the desk, prepare some homemade dishes, play some board games, join the dots,

text your old friends…..! 


Your creativity can conquer everything in life.

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IN CONVERSATION WITH IMA is our re-imagining of the traditional artist talk & discussion format. Our emphasis lies in our interactive approach to knowledge and experience sharing, which has been shown to be of benefit for practicing artists and art supporters.


IMA’s aim is to create purposeful dialogues that encourage deeper creative thinking. It is our belief that knowledge shared by one person sparks inspiration in another. Our guided interactive process allows for greater self-understanding for everyone who attends.


Each event is crafted with a focused theme and topic, and guided by rules for all participants. 




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To all who joined us for the ICW 2019 -

Thank you!

Our team is working to take the ICW programme for 2020

We look forward to more conversations with

inspiring creative practitioners!

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Nicolas Laborie In Conversation with IMA: 

Wet Plate Collodion and Self- Publishing

Oct 2019

Vinni kiniki In Conversation With IMA_ S

@vinnikiniki in Conversation with IMA: 

SEO starts with U(rl)

Oct 2019

Kashmirwala in Conversation with IMA: Art for Social Change

Aug 2019


Mateusz Łapsa-Malawski in Conversation with IMA:

Stay Safe Online

Jul 2019

Mark Tamer in Conversation with IMA:

Are there too many images in the world?

Jun 2019

Kevin McCollum_ICW .png

Kevin McCollum in Conversation with IMA

May 2019


Speaker: Nicolas Laborie

Specialising in Wet Plate Collodion, Nicolas is a Paris-born London-based photographer whose work discusses social commentary, human condition, and gender equality through the wet plate collodion process; mixing 19th century photographic process and technique with contemporary subjects.


Speaker: Vinni Kiniki

Vinni is a multi-disciplinary artist who has worked professionally in a variety of mediums and formats; best known for creating large scale brightly coloured black-light murals. Apart from his artisitc practice, Vinni Working as a freelance professional in digital branding/consultancy and online marketing-strategy since 2005.


Speaker: Kashmirwala

Art for social change. Working professionally as a commercial designer and animator, Kashimirwala’s route to being an artist has been non-traditional. His interest lies in people and his photography was used as a way to open dialogues and tell the stories of the people he met.

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ICW Jul 2019

Mateusz Łapsa-Malawski in Conversation with IMA: Stay Safe Online