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Our 'In Conversation With IMA' events will be postponed during this unprecedented time. 


Spend time at home with your loved ones, focus on your unfinished ​projects, sort out the piles of paper on the desk, prepare some homemade dishes,play some board games, join the dots,

text your old friends…..! 


 stay creative & stay safe 

IN CONVERSATION WITH IMA is our re-imagining of the traditional artist talk & discussion format. Our emphasis lies in our interactive approach to knowledge and experience sharing, which has been shown to be of benefit for practicing artists and art supporters.

We aim to create purposeful dialogues that encourage deeper creative thinking. It is our belief that knowledge shared by one person sparks inspiration in another. Our guided interactive process allows for greater self-understanding for everyone who attends.


Each event is crafted with a focused theme and topic, and guided by rules for all participants. 


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We will be back soon!



  • Nicolas Laborie In Conversation with IMA
  • @vinnikiniki in Conversation with IMA
  • Kashmirwala In Conversation With IMA
  • Mateusz Łapsa-Malawski in Conversation with IMA
  • Mark Tamer in Conversation with IMA
  • Kevin McCollum in Conversation with IMA
  • Ting Ting Cheng in Conversation with IMA
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Illustrations Credits: Mick Marston & Jasmine Forbes

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ICW Oct 2019

Nicolas Laborie In Conversation with IMA: Wet Plate Collodion and Self-Publishing.