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  • Print Making

    Richenda Court

    IMA Studio is able to offer me invaluable support and assistance in my role as an artist. I have known Samantha and Amit since March 2016 and from the very start it has always been a pleasure to be in...

  • Photography

    Kevin McCollum

    It was an absolute pleasure to work with IMA and indeed everyone that IMA put me in contact with. The project I was involved in required a group that could gel quickly and work together and it was ver...

  • Conceptual

    Anonymous 01

    The sessions Samantha ran with me acted not only as guidance but as a necessary intervention.They were challenging and deeply personal, difficult for me but they yielded powerful results....

  • Multi-disciplinary

    Vinni Kiniki

    I found the IMA Studio artists talks very stimulating and engaging, the format is setup in a very organic way that not only allows you insightful glimpses into the artists practice but also allows you...

  • Painter

    Gosia Łapsa-Malawska

    It has been a great pleasure to work with IMA.
    Participating in IMA summer workshops was like taking part in Start Up incubator but for artists.They helped me to see my art practice from a new perspec...

  • Experiemental Photography

    Mark Tamer

    IMA are essential for any artist looking to take the next step on their career path. I thought their approach was a great mix of the informal and the thoroughly professional. In the workshops we were ...

  • Photography & Mixed Media

    Julie Derbyshire

    As an emerging artist, my involvement with IMA has given me personalised and knowledgeable ongoing support and encouragement during a challenging period of transition from completion of my masters to ...

  • Mixed Media

    Anonymous 02

    I would recommend the IMA studio to any artist who finds themselves in a bit of impasse or to anyone simply looking to see if they can improve their current practice as an artist. Thank you IMA Studio...

IMA Studio
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a start-up formed by creatives, built to support working artists, aspire to the act of re-imagining the art world, re-interpreting what it means to be a working artist, and re-positioning the relationship between creatives and other walks of life.
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Illustrations Credits: Mick Marston & Jasmine Forbes

Team Portraits Credits: Kevin McCollum

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