@vinnikiniki in Conversation with IMA: SEO starts with U(rl)

Date: Wednesday 23 Oct 2019

​Time: 18:30 - 20:30

Venue: The Muse

Address: 269 Portobello Road, Notting Hill, W11 1LR

Speaker: Vinni Kiniki 

IMA Studio is pleased to invite Vinni Kiniki, a multi-disciplinary London-based mixed media artist for a talk & discussion on; how artists can better understand and utilise SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) to make their work more visible online.

Working as a freelance professional in digital branding/consultancy and online marketing-strategy since 2005, Vinni has seen the evolution of the online commercial world since the birth of Facebook. His clients have ranged from hobbyists and independent professionals, to large corporate entities such as 'EAT'.

The event will begin with a talk by Vinni on the fundamentals of website design and how to improve online visibility by applying SEO, tailored specifically for artists. This will be followed by an open conversation, and round table discussion between Vinni, IMA studio, and the audience on thoughts inspired by the talk.

We welcome all who are interested in gaining an accessible insight into the mechanics of having work or products 'visible' online, as well as those wanting to contribute their experience as a creative individual.

In association with The Muse Gallery | Studio.

​About Vinni Kiniki

Vinni is a multi-disciplinary artist who has worked professionally in a variety of mediums and formats; best known for creating large scale brightly coloured black-light murals. He also works in digital media and print and body painting. 


By in large his art features self-invented characters who are used to express themes and bare statements on an ever-expanding series of topics such as; aliens, science fiction, body modification, transhumanism, artificial intelligence, zen philosophy, ancient symbology, conspiracy theory, fetish, gender, altered states, occult and esoteric knowledge, genetic modification and climate change. The work often references esoteric symbolism and contains hidden meanings.


In his live shows and exhibitions Vinni utilises black light and projection mapping in order to evoke a surreal ambience and trigger a sense of otherworldly curiosity and wonder, in order to temporarily transport the audience to another dimension, a place where everything is structurally the same yet looks and feels completely different, and colours vivid and alive.


Find out more about Vinni Kiniki: Artist Website 

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