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The 'Essential Workshops' are designed for practicing artists. They cover the areas and skills sets that allow an artist to better manage their creative career. These workshops are led by professionals who deliver their knowledge and experience in an artist-friendly way.



Our 'Creative Workshops' are for art lovers and creatives of all kinds. They are led by practicing artists who share their knowledge and skills in a hands-on workshop environment. Individuals can come and learn a technique or skill, have fun and meet other similar minded people at the same time.



IMA’s WORKSHOPS are designed to be practical and hands-on, lead by professionals and practicing artists. The fundamental approach of our workshops is looking for the WHYs, whilst emphasising the process of doing.


Our workshops are as much about skills sharing as they are about uncovering self-learning tactics. When one artist has something unique, it truly cannot be replicated by anyone else. We believe this because even if a skill or a technique can be recreated, the mind behind it cannot.


Always; inspiration can kick-start the the process of uncovering ones own mind. 

Though designed to be fun and creative, our workshops are about skills and self development. We believe in using our workshops to create an interactive learning environment which allows creatives to learn and to be inspired.

When we are fully engaged with self-growth, the anxiety of competing with others fades.