imagine someone needs to hire an artist... 

this would be the job description 

would you consider applying?

even if the salary was not guaranteed?

being an artist is not like any other job

so then...what is it?


it is more than just a job

it is who you are

it requires your life experience

it demands more than just one set of skills

it merges your personal life and professional life




there isn't one answer that fits all...

some might say being an artist is like running your own business 

you need all sorts of skills




however in business 

if things don't go well

you can shut down one businesses

and open another


but as an artist, can you really do the same?

your business is you as a creative individual

you can't shut yourself down and open another you

your art career is more than just your

creative talents and business skills.

how we work

we work to provide comprehensive support for artists and creatives, so that you can 
grow as a creative individual
and develop your career pathways with confidence.

Artists' and creative individuals' personal life and professional life are overlapped. We shouldn't ignore this. To create practical solutions, we see the importance in not only providing practical knowlege and professional support but also understanding your life experience as a person.

By combining these two areas: personal and professional, we can get to the root cause of what you see as problems or challenges, which allows us to apply effective support to ensure you as an artist or a creative indiviual can achieve your goals and unleash your potential. 

IMA mission...

IMA Studio's mission is to have

more and more

artists & creatives 

working as



join the IMA community


Polaroid artwork by Mark Tamer, Portobello Polaroid Portraits.

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