'Equivalents' is a new collaboration between experimental photographer Mark Tamer and sound artist Amit Rai Sharma exploring the dialogue between an image and a sound.


The work takes Mark Tamer's photographic series; 'Everybody's Happy Nowadays' and pairs them with specific audio equivalents created by Amit Rai Sharma.

Both the image and audio have been subject to similar processes. They have been equally mangled and warped through experimental approaches, with hefty doses of random intervention that have impacted the outcome and overall aesthetic of the pieces.



You can navigate the gallery using the 'walls' to the right hand side. 

The work has been divided across four rooms each containing four walls. You may view the work in any order you wish.

Each work can be clicked upon for more information and to hear the audio counterpart.

We hope you enjoy the work.

Team IMA

The combined work itself could be viewed as a celebration of the forgotten and discarded moments in time; bringing to the fore the non-image, where light has leaked through the back of the camera and onto the film. and the loose cable in the circuit, the unwanted system noise bleeding through.


These are the last gasps of the mediums they are contstrained within.

This work is site specific, meaning that it has been created specifically for this digital gallery. And this works marks the inaugural show for IMA's digital gallery. A re-imagining of the gallery experience, with the emphasis placed on 'experience'.

This work has been imagined, funded, and executed by IMA Studio.